Grassfed Life is a resource run by Darby Simpson and Diego Footer to teach you proven strategies for running a profitable livestock farm business, optimized to run on sunshine, grass, and personal grit.


We share our knowledge in a variety of ways – The Blog, The Podcast, and The Farm Business Essentials Course.


Livestock Farmer, Dad, Husband, Ford Truck Driver

Living on his family’s seventh generation farm Darby began his own farming enterprise in 2007 after reading “Pastured Poultry Profits” by Joel Salatin.  Over the past 10 years he’s grown the operation that he started with less than $1000 to one that produces 3000 broilers, 125 turkeys, 60 hogs, and 12 beef per year.  The farm now financially supports Darby and his wife Brandy, along with their two young boys, Ethan and Zach.

Darby has transitioned himself from a successful mechanical engineer into a full time farmer and enjoys the many benefits that come with being self sufficient in ones livelihood.   His success shows it is possible to build a business from scratch with little or no knowledge of what Joel Salatin affectionately calls “lunatic farming”.


Business Owner, Podcaster, Part of a Family, Chevy Truck Driver

Diego is a former financial advisor and engineer, and now self employed, who has spent years swimming upstream against the status quo to try find his true calling and his life’s work. 

While becoming disenchanted with Wallstreet Diego started a podcast with the goal of inspiring others to join him in the quest to live the life that they want to live by doing work that matters to them regardless of what other people might think.  The podcast started a journey that’s taken him from the corporate world to being a fulltime, self-employed entrepreneur.  

Diego’s also a dad of three daughters and would rather spend time with them, than sitting at the computer typing this.

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A complete step by step A to Z system to plan, market, and grow the farm enterprise that’s right for you.

What is the Farm Business Essentials (FBE) Course?

A system designed to take you step by step through the process of planning, starting, marketing, and growing a part time or full time farm enterprise.   From budgeting to startup to sales to balancing the farm with family the workshop is fully comprehensive and in depth.  Literally going from where are you at now to what will your future farming enterprise look like.

The FBE is robust 20+ module online course that walks you through exactly how to plan, start and grow your farming enterprise.

  • Complete business planning from finance to whole life context to livestock management to sales, we cover it all.  Nothing is left out.

  • No filler or unnecessary content.

  • The course focuses on what works in the real world, not in theory.

  • And there is a community of farmers going along with you to help support you, answer questions, and give feedback.


The course is a combination of classroom style and on the farm footage.

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