FACT: Trial and error is a really slow, expensive, and painful way to build a farm business.  

We know because over the past three years we have talked to hundreds of farmers who have started farm businesses.  Some succeeded and many failed.

During that time we learned what it takes to go from farm dreamer to successful farm business owner.

We took all of that knowledge and our own personal experiences running very successful business and put it into the Farm Business Essentials Online Course.  It’s our playbook for starting a successful farm business.

Now we are taking that online course and combining it with an extremely unique in-person workshop to take things to the next level.

We have paired with farmer, MBA and CPA, Paul Greive who ditched his desk job in 2013 to start a pastured poultry business taking it from $2000 to one that generates over $500,000 each year in revenue.  

Together we are presenting the Growing Your Farm Business Mastermind workshop.   


Interested in taking your farm to the next level and REALLY scaling up?

Are you just starting out, and don’t really know where to start?

Would you be interested in finding out about unique ways to generate income from your farm?

The Growing Your Farm Business Mastermind Workshop can help you answer these questions and get you on track to start the next phase of growth for your farm.

The event combines practical in the field learning with some big-time brainstorming and collaboration to help you get to the next level in your farm business.


The Growing Your Farm Business Workshop Topics:

6+ hours of on-farm teaching from, farmer and CPA, Paul Greive who ditched his desk job in 2013 and has generated more than $500,000 revenue in his first two years farming pastured livestock with a positive net income that supports two families.

Topics to include:

  • How to scale your pastured poultry enterprise beyond raising a few thousand broilers a year
  • Why your farm should strongly consider aggregating other farms products
  • Why you are leaving money on the table if you don’t sell your product online
  • How to build a strong farm community through farm tours and other events
  • Why “unprofitable” strategies like home delivery lead to a lot more sales
  • How to get raving fans and followers on Instagram and Social Media
  • Creating systems that allow you to raise more birds with less labor on pasture
  • How to create a farm brand that customers want to be a part of
  • And much more…..

6+ hours of individual and group consulting with the profitable farmer and twelve-year farming veteran Darby Simpson.  Darby started his pastured poultry enterprise with just $600 and has grown the operation to one that generates over $200,000 a year in sales. Darby will be joined with Diego Footer to answer your questions such as…

  • Why pastured pigs might be a better option than pastured poultry for you
  • How to create a farm brand that matches who you are
  • Why you need to do less in 2019, not more
  • How to build a very profitable farming side business while you work full time
  • Why you need to focus on cash flow in the early years, not just farm income
  • How to start a business that fits with your busy life
  • And any other questions that you might have…

Each attendee will be 30 minutes of individual consulting time in addition to being able to participate in the groups’ consults.  Our goal is to bring this group together to help you make at least one major breakthrough in your online business.



March 22 and 23 in Murrietta, CA with an optional dinner on March 21.


What’s Included?

  • 2 Day In-Person Growing Your Farm Business Workshop ($749 value)
  • Farm Business Essentials Online Course Lifetime Acess ($999 value)
  • Instant access to the private Farm Business Essentials FaceBook Group moderated by farmer Darby Simpson. Gain direct access to Darby and other FBE students to ask questions, bounce ideas, and get inspiration for your farming enterprises! (Included only with FBE online workshop)
  • VIP BONUS – First 10 students to register will receive access to Grassfed Life’s Pastured Poultry Processing Course ($149 value)

Over $1900 in total value!



Be sure to secure your place at this event before all the remaining slots disappear.


Co-Instructor of the Growing Your Farm Business Mastermind


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